Improving Astrophotography during quarantine: M42 Nebula.

Hi guys! Yeeeah, as you I'm still stuck in my house and I feel soooooo bored. So, probably as you (if you snap and post produce photos as me), I've start to search old files forgotten in my Hard Disk but also try to do some kind of photography from my home. So I've found an old folder realized almost one year ago, a lot of M42 astrofollowed files inside! Then I've decided to continue this type of "argument" starting to realize new astrofollowed files to stack in it, using the same tools for it. So: after finding a corner where to place a tripod and chair, I've just wait some clear sky (and, unfortunately, I just got 2 night of free empty clear sky... ) but there was another problem: light pollution! My garden is under a strong orange light and the Orion constellation pass perfectly in trajectory of the street lights... so very difficult to handle the situation especially for flares and for light glow in the hair. After finding the position of the Orion belt, considerating the end of the blue hour and the position of the street lamp, well: I just got one hour, at maximum, for snap the constellation before have too much troubles with the light glow. To do this session I've, actually, choose to continue the collection of the snaps switching from the H&Y starkeep circular filter to the holder system + the starkeep magnetic square filter. Why? The other snaps have been made in a "2nd class night sky", means which I've realized the previous session in a good zone which is not affected of light pollution but could be affected to the residual glow of citylights which are very far and luminosity is reflected by air moisture: this time I got a much more evident problem of light pollution. I want to show you a difference between a snap with and without the square filter so you can understand better how could be useful one "true neodimium filter glass" (IF YOU'RE INTERESTED I'VE ALREADY DO A BIG REVIEW ABOUT IT, JUST CLICK HERE!)

as you can see there is a big difference even if I was pointing one zone far from the street light and using a teleobjective. Well, this is my instrumentation for all the snaps: Fujifilm X-T1 Tokina 400 mm ƒ/5.6 H&Y circular or square Starkeep night filter. Sky Watcher Star Adventurer astroseeker Xiletu L404c, LDY - 60 level base, G-54 ballhead. I'm not the one which do also "dark - bias - flat" frames, I just want to collect signal. At the end of all the sessions I got 216 files at variable iso (1600 - 3200), variable diaphragms (from 5.6 to 8) and times (but must of all snaps are of 30"). After my post production methode I've obtain this result: please you have to consider that I've not a modified full spectrum camera. Let me know your impressions! Thank you! ♥

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