circular filters review

I got to say with magnetic installation in filter system is the real improvement both for circular and square systems.
I don't want to write wrong informations here but, as I remember, first brand which propose this solution was XUME (acquired by Manfrotto), then other brands start to use the magnetic mount system on circular filters in the standard circular system but also in holders (with circular polarizers, for example).

Starting by that I've always think which this system could be a very nice improvement about superfast installation but how about the other aspects? Are they good? Safe? 

mmmh. Let's Try to find some brand and see.

So, finally, I got the possibility to try & test the VFFOTO (Vladimir Fucik FOTO) filters: a company based in Czeck Republic which is manufacturer of squares but also circular filters and have some kind of magnetic mount for circular ones: as mr. V.F. says "different from Xume", but the concept is more or less the same... realize a fast installation - control of the circular filter product.

Starting by this, I've receive a set of 3 filters + the adapter magnetic ring for use all in my Laowa 15mm 1:1 Macro ƒ/4 (and have the possibility to adapt all in my MCOPlus 12mm 2.8 and I've test all in the chart with the Fuji and the Laowa 9mm ƒ/2.8).

WELLWELL, let's see how that filters works:


  • boxes

  • sharpness

  • vignetting

  • color cast

  • use on the field

  • conclusions

BOXES= super protection!

OH YEAH! Metal boxes!
I love to see which VFFOTO goes for this way, it is a pleasure for the eyes! For sure, when I see the product boxes of this magnetic circular filters, well, I was pleasured to see the search of a different style - approach respect to the rest of the circular filters (which comes normally in plastic boxes more or less the same with different logo on it).
Each box got a sticker which works as warranty seal. Each box got the writes which help the user to identify the filter and the series: dark is for "premium series" and means which are the standard - base models of this products; the white box  is for "gold series" and are the "top" models. Inside the boxes we have foam which totally embrace the filter with extreme safety.

I was skeptic about this kind of protections because of the last experience in Haida boxes, but that ones was for the squares: it's different!

By the way, this boxes are cool but too easy to scratch and ruin (and this is a shame but is always the same: the more design is cool the less is durable, however in this case are very useful and this not happens each time you can start to talk about design... so well done!)