Well, then: I was born in '82 from Southern Sardinia (Villaperuccio), An island that is part of Italy (the second largest after Sicily) and is known for its breathtaking landscapes and scenery in day and night situation (with the presence of lighthouses, cliffs, mountains, archeological sites, urbex buildings and much more).

I'm start to snap in middle 2013 with an Fujifilm Finepix HS30 EXR, an bridge camera that... really.. i don't have use it: in one year i have snap maybe 10 days..

In the middle of 2014 I've decide to buy my Pentax k-3 and start to do photos more seriously, I read books about the main concepts of basic photography and I've completed a specialist course in Carbonia in an association affiliated with FIAF.

In this years of photo-experience I'd the pleasure to follow basic courses and workshops (one for all, with Simone Sbaraglia, award-winning naturalist from National Geographic, Smithsonian, etc.) and was able to classify me with committee responsible, to various international and world contest (Sony wpo, MIFA, Ozone Zone of Canada, Panobook) with related publications in catalogs, online and exhibitions (such as, for Sony WPO, the Summerset House London).

Have been published in italian newspapers and in the monthly national magazine of photography "Fotografare". Some of my night shots have also been asked (and published) by Pentax Forums, the world forum of Pentax users.
In 2017, finally, I've been interviewed and published in the most big Pentaxian Forum of the world: 

(also after becomes the 1° Ambassador of Kase Filters in the world, the official from Italy), start to do workshops and demo-days experience with Kase, activity wich have help me to know and appreciate a lot of people and collaborators.

In 2018 I was published in first edition of "Pentaxian Yearbook, meanwhile I've also start to (re)use Fuji, with the X-T1 and 16-50 XC I°, but also continue to improve and help people to search and find right products, stuffs, methode... or that's what I'm trying to do, hope you all appreciate it! It's also my "goodbye" to Kase Filters: too many reasons to write here "why".
I've also receive other good collaborations and awards,
first of all in as awarded photographer and judge too  
but also the possibility to try - test - show other products: I'm working to have and show best nice cheaper and good products for landscape photography. In 2019 I was a collaborator - user of Xiletu products & MCOPlus partner. 

In 2020 I've decided to being free tester reviewer of products as lens, tripods, heads (and more) which are good but, sometimes, too much hard to understand "how the product could be THE product for the specific customer".
So my collaboration is open and expanded to more brands: at today I've received, used, described products for SIRUI, Highlights, Buddiesman, Fittest and more..

I'm H&Y Global Ambassador since 2017, with one specific custom filter: the GND Balancer! ♥


Talking about photography: I think that we are surronded of possible pics, nice situations, wonderful places, incredible moments. Depends on us: it's not just the "snap" but it's also important to compose. It's hard and the secret is: do it with free mind! See the world with the eyes of an kid and the knowledge of an adult... do practice and do it again but enjoy to do this! It doesn't matter when, where or with who.